Why Should I buy a HiFlow?

In order to answer this question we must reflect on the past.

For many years (since the introduction of domestic water filter systems) the standard practice for premium grade (half to 1 micron) domestic water filtration was to install an under sink filter system with a separate filter tap mounted on the kitchen sink or bench along side the main tap. The reason a separate filter tap was required is due to the very slow flow rate on the outlet side of these old style under bench filter systems.

Drinking water every day helps towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

These older style systems also have inherent installation and design problems, namely;
  • Granite and Stone bench tops – no-one wants to drill a separate filter tap hole or incur the exorbitant cost to do so.
  • Stainless steel sinks – an extra hole for the filter tap is required and some sink designs cannot accommodate the extra hole.
  • “Under mount” sinks also create problems because they offer no area for a separate tap to be installed requiring the filter tap to be installed in the benchtop.
  • Many kitchen designers are concerned with the appearence of a separate filter tap – most see it as an ugly intrusion unable to be matched with the many designs of modern day mixer taps and they interrupt the clean lines and uncluttered look of kitchen benchtops.
  • ‘Old style’ systems can be expensive and time consuming to install due to the plumbing work required to create the water connection for the filtered water line.
The new HiFlow Mains Inline Water Filter System solves all of these problems and offers a range of additional features and benefits to the consumer that have never before been available in the Australian market.

This new, unique world first filter system produces half micron filtered water at a flow rate of between 8 and 12 litres per minute (i.e. at water pressures between 250 and 500 kPa).

This is four (4) times the flow rate of the old style separate filter tap systems.

This means the HiFlow system can be connected “IN LINE”, either horizontally or vertically, to any existing or new mixer / cold water tap to provide freshly filtered (bottled water quality) at mains pressure.

The cartridge is certified to produce 11,355 litres of filtered water anually*

HiFlow converts any tap into a Filter Tap!!

*Average Australian kitchen uses 15,000 litres of hot/cold water annually - as per Rainwater 2007 Consumer Guide (page 6) – published by Australian Rainwater Industry Development Group (ARID) May 2007. Please note that the filter life is subject to usage, water quality and water pressure.